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August 8, 2006 826 comments so far

Introducing "task1"

This is the very first time I am writing something into my very first blog - and it feels great. I have written a number of articles (mainly in IT journals), but this feels different: It's more dynamic, it's faster, it's more to the pulse of this time. I am eager to start... :-)

So what is this all about? Another useless discussion about project management and about things everybody knows anyway? Maybe, but maybe not. As you will see if you take a look at the about page, there are some very good reasons why I have started this blog and I hope you will explore them together with me.

The intention of this blog is to provide a source of practical, day-to-day experience, background knowledge and how-tos for project leaders who either don't have the time or who simply do not want to read project management books counting 500 pages and more (especially, because they won't need a lot of the things written down in these books anyway). I am primarily focusing on IT projects in small to medium sized businesses, because this is where I feel "at home" and I also think that especialy this focus desparately needs some attention.

We will start with some best practices on how to setup and start a project, what to keep in mind when choosing the right (human) resources, how to build a schedule which is not just "for the customer" (and only a nice picture neither), later on covering also topics such as how to monitor and control your projects with only little additional effort.

There is no silver bullet...

As one of my friends once put it "there is no silver bullet" for leading projects successfully, but choosing the right practices and tools sure helps a lot. I think I learned a lot over the last 10 years and I hope that what I have to say will be interesting and helpful. And if you don't agree, please tell me - this is what the comments are for ;-).