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November 3, 2007 2495 comments so far

Onepoint Project in 200 Words

At the Systems tradeshow last week I was asked by one of the visitors of our booth why I have never really blogged about Onepoint Project and, anyway, why another project management tool...?

So let's make an exception of the rule. The rule being that normally, on Task1 I only write about project management techniques. Let me try to answer the question "why another project management tool?" in 200 words:

  • Strict, hierarchical resource management: You have to define each resource you want to plan. Downside: You really have to do it. Advantages: No more duplicates through typing errors and provides the foundation for a cross-project resource utilization view
  • Supports more than just task scheduling. The typical project management applications were all copies of MS Project, i.e., a GANTT chart with an activity list beside it. Of course you need a schedule, but it is neither the perfect tool for the project start, neither the one for controlling or monitoring the plan
  • Adds practical tools that are typically missing in most project management applications, e.g., a work breakdown structure (WBS) or a milestone trend analysis
  • Provides simple tools for single- and multi-project monitoring and controlling that are not academic or only valuable for Global 2000 companies such as easy to access plan/actual-comparisons and the project pipeline that we borrowed from next level consulting
  • Finally, designed to be really easy to learn and to use. Project management is no simple topic, but you do not have to make it harder than it has to be (BTW, I am a Mac-user if you haven't guessed it already... ;-)

And this is it. If you want to know more about my company Onepoint or about our products, please visit or watch my side notes. In the next post we will be back to our current topic "chain": project monitoring and controlling...