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August 19, 2008 2487 comments so far

Under The Hood: Improved Comments

As I am currently enjoying a short one-week vacation, I decided to improve the Task 1 website a little bit. The first thing I updated is the commenting feature; mainly, by adding a new spam-blocker...

Until recently, my previous anti-spam mechanism worked well, but a few months ago new crawler scripts appeared on the Web that would not be fooled anymore by my extremely simple approach based on a Roman-style cypher. And since I got 100+ spam comments each day I had to turn off the commenting feature for the last couple of weeks (sorry guys...).

Anyway, comments are back and they are better than ever :-). The only drawback is that you now have to enter some text that is displayed as an image in order that I know that you are a real person (I am sure you know this concept, it's very much the "standard" approach nowadays). You will see that I decided to keep even the spam-blocker on topic... ;-)

The good thing is that I have also improved the e-mail notification. This way I should not miss any comment that you post anymore - hopefully...