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August 23, 2008 2491 comments so far

Introducing "Resources": Report Plug-ins for Onepoint

My vacation week is nearly over, but I have not been lazy this time ;-). As you might have already discovered, there is a new area called "Resources" - so let me tell you a little bit about it...

As you might guess, I am heavily suggesting to my friends that they use Onepoint Project rather than some other project management tool. Well, in doing so, some of my friends (who also happen to be professional project managers) were quite happy with Onepoint, but they needed some additional reports. Since Onepoint Project Open, Network and Enterprise Edition allow for report plug-ins we decided to create them together and to make them available on this blog.

The interesting thing here is that I am only the "broker", since the ideas for the reports and also most of the work behind them were done by my friends. This of course also explains why not all reports follow the same "rules". However, we tried to at least decide on a common terminology. Check out our initial five reports under "Resources".

I hope you agree that these first reports are useful. If we get positive feedback my friends already indicated that they might be interested in doing more. However, they do not work for free, so you will need to spend a few Euros or Dollars to get your hands on the reports.

BTW, I also added a "Contact Me" page that is accessible via the Website footer. Be free to also use this form to send us suggestions for new reports, or even better, add them as a comment using the revamped commenting feature... ;-).