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November 18, 2009 2489 comments so far

Onepoint Project: New Case Studies

2009 was a tough year for everyone. Even more, we are thankful to three of our key customers who took the time to do a case study together with us. This is the first time we have done "real" case studies in order to show how our clients use Onepoint Project in the "real" world. Please note: German only for the time being.

The most interesting thing about these three new case studies is that they outline quite different use cases and still they have one thing in common: All of these case studies emphasize how easy it is to deploy and to use Onepoint Project:

  • Know-Center. The Know-Center is Austria's competence center for knowledge management and uses Onepoint Project to plan and execute grant projects including EU projects. Interesting facts: the Know-Center uses sub-project in order to plan projects more dynamically in order that every work package owner is actually a sub-project manager and the grant controlling accesses and analyzes information using MS Excel via a direct read-only connection to the Onepoint Project database.
  • Jetter AG. Jetter AG is a leading medium-sized automation company in Germany. The interesting aspect of the Jetter case study is that Jetter uses Onepoint Project in the marketing department for planning and tracking marcom projects. For marketing people, ease of use is even more important, since they are typically very creative types and not the "natural" project managers ;-).
  • Worthington Cylinders. Worthington Cylinders is an Austrian subsidiary of the US-based Worthington group specializing in high-pressure steel vessels. The most interesting fact on how Worthington uses Onepoint Project: they are using Six Sigma project management and are relying heavily on Onepoint's project pipeline view in order to view and monitor all running projects.

All three case studies can be downloaded as PDF documents from the newly created Onepoint Case Studies website. Currently, the case studies are in German only, but we will translate them to English shortly. I will update this blog post once the English versions are ready and published on the Onepoint website, so stay tuned...