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March 29, 2010 2465 comments so far

Preview: "Ideawell HD" for the iPad

We admit it: we could not resist. So we submitted a "High Definition" (HD) version of Ideawell for the Apple iPad to the App Store on Saturday. Let me share some screenshots with you and explain why we are so excited about the iPad and its potential for collaborative innovation and project management.

Many people think that the iPad will only be used for watching photos, browsing the web and reading books and this primarily at home. I agree that I want an iPad for exactly these home applications, but I will also get an iPad for our office at Onepoint. Why? Because I strongly believe it is a great tool for collaborating and for sharing information. And this is exactly why I think that the iPad will be perfect for supporting our daily innovation and project management tasks.

What makes the iPhone so great? It is like a digital swiss army knife that fits into my pocket and lets me do basically everything on the way. But what is so great about an oversized iPod touch called the "iPad"? Very simple: it is the first device that might have the potential to replace the sheets of empty paper on our meeting desk. For instance, instead of printing the list of open issues and going through it on paper we might use the iPad to let our fingers wander across the various issues on its gorgeous screen. And if we do not know anymore what is behind a specific issue we can simply tap on it to bring up the details (without having to open one of our laptops and look up the issue number... ;-).

And this is also why we wanted to try out Ideawell on the iPad's larger screen: we wanted to see if it helps us to manage, track, discuss, rate and analyze our ideas together as a team. Our believe is that Ideawell HD will help us to prioritize the features of our next release as well as to make better decisions on what are the top priorities in our next quarterly business planning meeting. What do you think?

P.S. We also started to experiment with an iPad app for Onepoint Project and I will tell you more about this in one of the next posts. However, this app will require some capabilities of our upcoming major server release (Onepoint Project Group/Enterprise 10) that will come out by the end of April/beginning of May, so stay tuned... :-)