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June 13, 2010 2461 comments so far

Firetask Mac: A Glimpse at the BETA 2 Release

Good things come to those who wait - so they say ;-). We hope that our BETA testers agree with us that Firetask for Mac is definitely something worth waiting for. We have sent out the BETA 2 release this morning and are eager to get their feedback. Let's take a look at what Firetask for Mac has to offer so far...

It is now more than two years ago that Wolfgang and me decided that we wanted to launch the first version of an app that would take a slightly different approach to task management initially on the iPhone (instead on Adobe AIR which was the "original" plan). A move that Steve Jobs would probably very much agree to :-) even though we had different reasons for our decision back then. Our major reason being that we wanted a tool which would simply allow us to take our most important tasks with us anytime anywhere.

The downside of having a mobile app was that it was cumbersome to enter and maintain larger task lists, so we first thought about maybe syncing with something that would be already there. We looked hard, but we did not find what we were looking for: we liked the very unique approach of Firetask that allowed us to efficiently focus on only the upcoming due and important next tasks in a single view. There was only one way out: we had to create a simple application for the Mac ourselves in order to bring this lightweight and still powerful approach to task management onto the desktop.

So, let's take a look at what makes the desktop version of Firetask unique:

  • Firetask features a clear and very straightforward user interface that really focuses on core task management views and functionalities. It also includes many visual indicators without overloading the UI
  • We invested a lot of time and energy on making it really easy and fast to enter and edit tasks. In order to achieve this, we mixed a number of usage patterns from list-based systems with those of word processing applications
  • We also wanted to be able to control the whole task management app by only using the keyboard. For this, we added support for inline tagging: For instance, if you write "Email infos to BETA 2 participants #email #sunday #+" Firetask will create a task with the category Email, add a due date for sunday and specify a high priority
  • Another practical new feature is the possibility to easily control which next tasks you want to see on the Today view: simply mark a task as flagged in order to make sure that it always appears on Today
  • Finally, Firetask Mac syncs with your iPhone over the air, i.e., via your WiFi network. And it does this really fast, because it intelligently only syncs the changes since the last sync

Our plan is to keep BETA 2 open for about a month and then finalize the first public version. If you are not yet part of the BETA test group and are interested to provide feedback please email us at Our goal is to release the final version of Firetask Mac 1.0 by the end of July this summer