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April 3, 2011 1423 comments so far

Firetask Cloud Syncing Update

After nearly four months of development we have completed most of the actual coding on Firetask's upcoming cloud-syncing feature. A perfect time to provide a short update on our progress on this endeavor...

In my previous post about the roadmap to Firetask cloud syncing I mentioned a number of steps we had to complete in order to implement this important feature. I am happy that I can tell you that basically all of these steps have been completed meanwhile. In other words, we have already started testing cloud-syncing internally (most things already work fine; we still have one problem with syncing the order of next tasks correctly, but I am sure we will hunt this bug down also within the next few days).

So what are the missing puzzle pieces? The next step is to deploy the Firetask cloud syncing service on its "official" server; our friends at MindMeister are doing this within the next couple of days. After that, we will move our internal alpha testing to this new server and with this, we will also start testing on our own "real" data (i.e., our real projects and tasks). I guess Time Machine will be our best friend in the days to come... :-)

Well, I guess one of the burning questions will be: when will our beta test start? The answer is quite simple: as soon as we feel that we are not loosing any data anymore and the syncing algorithm seems to be sufficiently stable. My personal guess is that this will not take too long. However, as we have seen in the past few weeks, some bugs are not easy to spot, so we cannot set an explicit date. However, we will start with the preparations for the beta test today, so we are ready when the software is ready... ;-)