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May 11, 2011 2475 comments so far

Ideawell HD Becomes "Ideabook"

We are happy to provide you with a major update to Ideawell HD called "Ideabook for iPad". Read on if you want to know more about why we changed the name of our idea management app, if there will also be a major update to the iPhone version and what you can do with "idea spaces"... ;-)

First of all the name - why did we change it? To be honest, this was a last minute decision. We wanted to create a more visually appealing user interface and we also wanted it to be "closer" to the Firetask for iPad user experience (mainly, because you can now send ideas to the Firetask In-Tray view). When we were happy with the new user interface Wolfgang and me thought both that the "old" name did not fit anymore. So we did a quick brainstorming and agreed on "Ideabook" as it was a good name and fitted nicely with the new UI concepts.

The answer to the second question is easy: Yes, there will be an iPhone version of Ideabook that will again orient itself on the UI concepts we introduced with the latest Firetask for iPhone versions.

Third, idea "Spaces": we wanted to have a view where you could arrange your ideas visually in a two-dimensional space (per topic). The idea is to use it for brainstorming and idea organizing in a way that you can group common thoughts and ideas together into clusters of ideas. What do you think - is this new feature valuable for idea management?

Finally, we also updated the "Analyze" view. Based on the new user interface design we agreed on a light background in order to make it easier to print it later on (we will add a printing function in the near future). And yes, we finally improved the placement of idea labels considerably. This was by far the #1 feature request we got over and over again and we hope you like what you see - Ideabook for iPad is already available from the iTunes App Store!