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September 24, 2014 2474 comments so far

A Free Alternative to MS Project

What if there was a project management app that provided more planning tools than Microsoft Project, e.g., an interactive WBS? What if this app was more than just a planning tool? What if this app was completely free for single project managers?

At our last strategy meeting at onepoint we analyzed the average number of users we sold to companies of all sizes and we discovered one very interesting fact: we never sold a single user license - even though you could technically purchase a single user in the past. We also found out that we sold less than 5 users only a couple of times (and typically, these were special situations for extended test periods and the like). And the reason for this seems to be quite simple: your project organization has to have a minimum size in order to justify the expense for purchasing a PPM software solution.

At around the same time several of our consulting partners approached us if we could provide a "cheap" single user version (of the up-to-date web-based server product) that you could install on a laptop and use to support project management training and coaching. We also got a number of inquiries in this direction from universities and schools. However, we knew that we did not want to "sell" something like this - since we simply do not have a sales channel for a single user desktop-style product. But what if we gave it away for free instead?

Born was our latest product: "onepoint PROJECTS Personal Server" - a completely free download from our website offering all base functionality of the Enterprise Server product line (naturally, without some features that only make sense for a multi-user environment). In contrast to our previous open source products this also includes the interactive WBS chart, support for Earned Value (EV), our well-know visual resource planning feature, and other monitoring tools such as an integrated milestone trend analysis (MTA). And to make it really easy to install we included an embedded database and application server, so it is basically "plug & play".

So, if you are looking for a free alternative to MS Project that supports more resource management functionality and even provides a number of project monitoring and controlling features check out onepoint PROJECTS Personal Server - now available as a free download from our website.